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UX Case Studies

(more coming soon)

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Fairy Cakes Custom Cupcakes

The Challenge: How can a new make-your-own custom cupcake bakery stand out from all the established bakeries in a posh summer vacation area and attract our target market - Millenial families?

We want to give them the ultimate online and in-person cupcake experience.

Competitive Analysis‭: ‬There are a number of bakery shops in the area, ‬but none offer customizable cupcakes with such a large‭ ‬number of delectable options to choose from‭. ‬The design of these websites leaves a lot to be desired‭. ‬The branding of these bakeries tends to be on the vintage side‭ - ‬and not necessarily in a good way‭.‬

The Research‭: ‬The target users of this website are millennial parents and their kids who vacation in the area‭. ‬They are tech-savvy and use their mobile apps many times throughout the day for everything from checking the weather to ordering food to pay‭ing ‬their bills to finding local entertainment‭. ‬Based on many surveys that I studied on both the habits of millennial parents and families‭, ‬and the people who vacation in the area‭, ‬I created 3‭ ‬personas‭ - ‬a Married Mom‭, ‬a Single Dad‭, ‬and a Precocious Kid‭. ‬

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 9.32.43 PM.png
Web Design cupcake mood arch.jpg

Next, a moodboard was created for
the design and a site map to organize
the structure of the site.

A low fidelity mockup was then created, tested, and iterated until we got to the high fidelity mockup ready to be published!

cupcake site map.jpg
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